Your TBC Wallet is NOT a Machine Gun!!! GRRRRR (Video/Image/Article)

Your TBC Wallet is NOT a Machine Gun!!! GRRRRR (Video/Image/Article)

Your TBC Wallet is NOT a Machine Gun!!! GRRRRR (Video/Image/Article)

Over the last week or so, some of you may have noticed that your transactions are not confirming on the wallet.  We have already turned ON 33,175 Send buttons, which is about a third of those that have already paid the $10 fee to Admin.  But a few clowns have NOT followed the instructions about waiting for one transaction to confirm before doing another.  I can picture in my mind what is going on.  They open up their wallet and see the Send button and are saying: “Say hello, to my little friend,” and start doing transactions in rapid fire, one after the other.  Your wallet is NOT a machine gun!  Well, we watch for this kind of activity daily, and those that are guilty of this have had their Send buttons turned OFF again.  The Commissioner has sent them an email, and we require a commitment that they won’t do that again before we will put them back in line to have their Send buttons turned back ON.  Our coin developers have been working feverishly on getting everything done for the migration.  Once those major tasks are complete, they will have to clean up the mess on each of the servers affected and re-sync them to the blockchain.  It’s not an easy fix.  It takes time and money (man-hours) to fix this.  This is one of those known bugs in the current coin network I have mentioned before here in the blog.  That is why we make everyone check that tiny box, that they have read and understood the instructions on how to properly use their wallet before we will turn their Send buttons back ON.  Grrrrr


We are a community, and the actions of ONE can impact ALL of us.  Spread the word about this bad behavior.  In 90 days we won’t have this problem or bug any more.  This is one of the reasons we are migrating.  In the mean time, follow all instructions carefully!  We are turning ON over 1,000 Send buttons a day now.  Please read:

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