We Need to Move to Gold, So this Means a HUGE Pay Raise for ALL TBCians! (Magazine Cover/Article)

We Need to Move to Gold, So this Means a HUGE Pay Raise for ALL TBCians! (Magazine Cover/Article)

We Need to Move to Gold, So this Means a HUGE Pay Raise for ALL TBCians! (Magazine Cover/Article)


I don’t know about YOU, but this magazine cover from The Economist (an Elite publication) dated 30 years ago has me spooked.  Brexit news that the UK could ditch the Euro leaves some major questions unanswered regarding the Euros ability to survive such a move in these already troubled times for the currency.  Some do say that it would be the death of the Euro.  USD is not much better off with the heavy debt-load it carries as it has currently lost its standing as the global reserve currency of the world.  Every honest economist is scratching their heads wondering what could be the final straw that breaks the camels back, as the saying goes.  There are a number of scenarios that could lead to a complete global financial collapse, and it seems we are heading towards all of them very fast at this time.  Is that the “PLAN?”  Is a global financial collapse a carefully engineered product of the Elite?  Based on things I’ve seen, I’d say YES to that question.  Do YOU realize how abnormal it is for the 1% to possess 99% of all the money and wealth in the world?  Until 2016, when that was reported to be the case, that is a first in the history of mankind.  It is a well known fact that ALL paper currencies in the past have ultimately failed and never survive long-term.  It’s bad enough when it happens in a single country; but what would it be like if it happened globally all at the same time?  So, with all that being said, it doesn’t make sense to connect our TBC with any paper currency, including the Euro.

Now that we are about to launch a brand new coin network and blockchain, we have essentially created a new coin.  Kind of like TBC 2.0.  Back in a blog post I wrote on October 1st, 2016, I mentioned similar concerns and suggested it may make sense to measure the value of TBC in Gold (from Mother Earth) instead of the Euro.  Here is a link to that article:  http://blog.thebillioncoin.info/2016/10/01/buy-as-much-food-as-you-can-today-articleposter/

Gold is permanent and has held up well in value to the test of time as something of great worth.  These paper currencies could start behaving wildly and be all over the place in their values and could even become worthless at some point.  It is time to move our measurement of the value of TBC to gold instead of the Euro.  So, in order to maintain the value at a 1 to 1 basis, we will now make 1 grain of gold (gr) equal to 1 Member each instead of 1 Euro.  Effective on the day we start migration.  We will modify the Ultimate Price on the Formula page of the website to say:  The formula of the Ultimate Price of The Billion Coin is one grain of gold (gr) multiplied by the total number of Verified Members within the community. For example, if the total number of Verified Members equals 10,000, then the Ultimate Price of The Billion Coin is 10,000 grain of gold (gr) per coin.  We just switched out the word Euro for grain of gold (gr).  The grain of gold (gr) is the smallest unit of gold, it is even smaller than a gram of gold.  Essentially, there are 480 grains of gold (gr) in 1 Troy ounce of gold. http://coinapps.com/gold/grain/calculator/ The spot price of gold in ounces at this moment is 1,088.16 in Euros: http://www.kitco.com/charts/livegold.html

1,088.16 divided by 480 = 2.267.  This change to be made on our formula measurement means ALL TBCians will get a large pay raise from the 1st day of the TBC 2.0 ongoing as each new member joins by 2.267 times.  Our Current Price today is 3,091,358.00 in Euros.  3,091,358 times 2.267 = 7,008,108.59 Euros.  Enjoy the pay raise!

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