Urhobo Youth Council backs Osinabjo on state police

Urhobo Youth Council backs Osinabjo on state police

The Urhobo Youth Council, UYC, has backed Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s call for the creation of state police in Nigeria.

UYC in a statement by its President, Comrade Festus Otesiri Igherebuo, made available to journalists in Warri, Delta State Wednesday, noted that the menace of violent herdsmen across the country was a valid proof for the establishment of state police.

While re-echoing Senator Ben Murray-Bruce’s statement that the problem with Nigeria is not people but the structure, the UYC leader said: ‘’If we don’t fix our structure, even an angel will have challenges leading Nigeria. If we fail to practise true federalism, a time may come when the Federal Government has nothing to share to states but barrels of oil to look for buyers themselves.

“The advancing security threats by the heartless herdsmen across the country has legitimised our call on the government to implement the demands for the establishment of state police across the country.” “it is imperative to give power to state policing for effectively optimization of community policing, thereby addressing security threats such as herdsmen’s terrorism and other social vices in the various localities will be violently addressed.”

“ Nigeria is due to fashion true central advocacy system of government as reflected in developed countries for better society and advancing economic development.” He added.

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