Man who accused Davido of running with his N60m raises alarm over more threat

Man who accused Davido of running with his N60m raises alarm over more threat

The young man Kaycee who called out singer Davido for running with his N60m following a deal they both did has raised another alarm as he claims there is more threat to his life.

Why would you decide to wake up one day and curse out someone from his mother, father and then friends.

Fellow Nigerians, is it a crime to help someone? davido and the rest came to me broke, I fed them and housed them for months (Jan. to March 2011), with hopes of making money together. He decided to steal my money and then threaten the life of me and my family.

Is it a crime to trust someone, or is it a crime to help?

I bought tickets from Nigeria to Ghana and from Ghana to London on British airways (manifest is intact for all this claims).

If he  feels the money is too much for him to refund its fine, I am not hungry. But please fellow Nigerians, I am scared for the life of me and my family, he has thugs that will act on his behalf and my life is in danger.

Nigerians, help me ask him what i did for him to threathen my life. I have gone to the police and he has been invited several times both in Lagos and Abuja but David refuse to honor the police invite.

If he is above the law of man, his not above the law of God and his not above the voice of the people. Thats why i am crying out now before its too late. I have been on this mattter for years now. I even reported him to his dad’s brother (2 years ago), no solution came.

If they are so much in need of the money, they can have it, I just want to live in peace without fear from someone who stole my money to kick start his career.

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