Linda ikeji did not pay my bail in prison – Kemi Olunloyo

Linda ikeji did not pay my bail in prison – Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial media personality Kemi Olunloyo has poken on her time in prison and reason she was denied bail a few times despite many thinking she would regain her freedom at any point back then.

Read her piece below;

Another CeeC hater drags Linda Ikeji into my withdrawn defamation case. WARNING: Linda Ikeji did not pay my bail money when I was detained in prison. If anyone destroyed my bail on purpose keeping me in prison, it was Fatai Lawal the Yoruba lawyer in the Afe Babalola team who I never hired but was forced on me by my dad as Afe is my dad’s lawyer. I declined any help from my father who is a high ranking politician still alive. Most of u would have used your parent’s influence to leave prison but I didn’t need it because I wanted to WIN the case and be vindicated so as to protect the future investigative journalist scared of intimidation. Lawal was caught romancing the prosecution, allegedly collected cash from the young Rivers state billionaires who follow the complainant. His own colleague told me that he was bribed not to submit my medical letter to one of the judges so I can get a bench warrant for not coming to court and I was rearrested October to January. Lawal even called the surety to withdraw keeping me in prison. After 90 days Pius returned to surety me cos his conscience was not clear. Stop the lies and ignorance. I have an upcoming book exposing all these people. I clearly disgraced Lawal on a #LIVE video on this page posted that day October 12th 2017 during the attempted arrest. SWIPE to watch SECOND VIDEO and the ignorance most of you are carrying around your head. “Ignorance does not excuse STUPIDITY”– Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo 2007 #kooquotes#StraightOuttaPhmax my book is going to END people’s shady careers. Hit the hash tag to see the arrest video and how Lawal feels like a moron when the Pastor dropped the case.

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