I Apologize (Images/Article)

I Apologize (Images/Article)

I Apologize (Images/Article)

Cookies Corrected

With Migration and a new Redemption period happening on top of each other, I attempted to help everyone make sense of the (00) falling off the new wallet and how that impacts Cookie Rewards, but instead I pretty much confused EVERYONE, including all of the programmers.  I sincerely apologize for this mass confusion.  I am at fault here.  So, to clear up all of this confusion, we will not take (00) off the Cookies for now, let’s get most of the migration done as soon as we can, and later we will take off the (00) on the Cookies.  Take a close look at the table at the bottom of the image above.  We will gift 25,000 Cookies to the new Members; 1,000,000 Cookies will be distributed to all that attend Send Button meetings (You have to have your Send button turned ON in order to attend); for every $100 purchased (unlimited) in Kringles the Buyer will get 100,000,000 Cookies once their Seller Verifies their transaction in the back office of Kringle Cash; and for every 100 referrals that you collect that completes their Kringle Cash profiles you will get 1,000,000,000 Cookies.  It is much easier to see what a Cookie turns into once you click the Redeem Now button by seeing its equivalent in TBC.  The Cookie equivalent in Kringles depends on if you are redeeming to the Old Wallet or New Wallet.  Using Kringles as the point of conversion is just too confusing.  So, let’s all just stick to explaining that Cookies covert to TBC according to the table in the above image, and don’t bother explaining how Cookies convert to Kringles.  Trust me, it is just too messy to explain it that way.

We have a messy database now regarding the Send button meeting.  Over 7,000 Members either watched the meeting Live or they watched the Rebroadcast to collect the KEYWORD.


As you can see from the image above, the programmers have alot of work to do to correct all of the numbers in Cookies.  Look at the Referral Count for example, they need to return the missing (00) now.  Also, look at the Meeting Count, the Meeting Cookies should show 6,000,000 in this example and not 5,100,000.  What a mess, and yours truly caused it.  Like I said before, this is not a good time to press that Redeem Now button, it will add even more work to fix it.  You have the whole month of May to press that button, why not wait until the end of the month and collect as many Cookies as you can before you press that Redeem Now button.  YOU ONLY GET TO PRESS IT ONCE PER REDEMPTION CYCLE!

Please forgive me…



Velox 350

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