Diddy Makes History With $21.1m Art Purchase

Diddy Makes History With $21.1m Art Purchase

Hiphop mogul,Diddy  just made history by purchasing what is believed to be the most expensive art piece created by a living African-American artist.

The music mogul has been revealed as the buyer for a piece called ‘Past Times’ by  Kerry James Marshall which depicts black people enjoying a Park day in Chicago.
Diddy reportedly dropped about $21.1 million on the painting last Wednesday at a Sotheby’s auction in NYC.

Back in 1998, Marshall explained the inspiration behind his work.

“Style is such an integral part of what black people do that just walking is not a simple thing. You’ve got to walk with style. You’ve got to talk with a certain rhythm; you’ve got to do things with some flair,” he added: “I try to enact that same tendency toward the theatrical that seems to be so integral a part of the black cultural body.”

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