2018 World Cup: Bonfrere Jo reveals fears for Super Eagles

2018 World Cup: Bonfrere Jo reveals fears for Super Eagles

Former head coach of the Super Eagles, Johanes Bonfrere has said the team might not do well at the 2018 World Cup because of poor preparations and lack of unity in the squad.

Jo lamented the individual style of play, which he claimed is to the detriment of the team as a whole.

“This team is very different from the 1994 squad. We have very young players in this team and they are not playing well as a unit. They prefer playing for individual glory.

“I’ve not seen any improvement in the way the team played their last two friendly games. You expected that the mistakes that they made against England would be corrected against Czech Republic but it was even worse.

“So we have to look forward to the next game maybe they will show a marked improvement although, unfortunately, that will be the World Cup game against Croatia.

“I’m not too familiar with most of the players because I’ve just seen them play a few times. What I noticed is that the players are playing too much individual football and when you have too many players doing that, it will hurt the team.

“If you lose the ball, you must run back to help get it away from the opponent. That’s why it is a team. In the friendly games I noticed that when they lose the ball, about two three players keep standing without trying to help the team. They stand some 25 yards away at the middle line without showing interest in what their teammates are doing to get the ball back.

“If you do this, then you have two or three players less than the other team in your own half,” CompleteSports quoted him as saying.

Nigeria open the tournament on Saturday against Croatia.

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