Twitter Reactions To M.I's New "Rendezvous" Project Are Incredible

Twitter Reactions To M.I's New "Rendezvous" Project Are Incredible

It’s been quite some time since M.I Abaga gave his fans a proper album or a new project.

Towards the end of 2017, M.I. Abaga released a song titled You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives which gained the rapper mixed reviews from listeners around the country. The song was made to address the state of the rap music in the Nigerian music industry and on the song, M.I. told rappers to step up their game and revive the scene.

On one hand, there were people who agreed with him while other people felt M.I. should remove the log in his eyes before trying to remove the speck in other’s eyes. Irrespective of the sides anyone took, this was a clear indication that M.I Abaga was going to drop a new project soon.

The project is finally here in the name of Rendezvous- The Playlist and the reactions are amazing.

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