TBC Welcomes the Police and Military into our Community (Videos/Poster/Article)

TBC Welcomes the Police and Military into our Community (Videos/Poster/Article)

TBC Welcomes the Police and Military into our Community (Videos/Poster/Article)

I’d like to thank David Kaumara for his videos about TBC.  David Kaumara is not the only Police Officer that has joined TBC, many reports of Police joining TBC have come to my desk.  In the video above David says that there are 5 requirements to get your Send button turned ON now.  Technically the requirements he is covering is actually for the Testers only.  Much more is expected out of the Tester group than any other.  I just want to be extra careful how we begin our official relationship with the Bank, once we start the testing part of engaging the Bank in transactions.  That is why more is expected out of Testers.  Testers are being groomed to become the TBC Leaders the community needs to be strong.

To get your Send button turned ON right now, before we migrate, there a just 3 requirements.  Pay the $10 fee; complete your profile with an aged Facebook account (that’s how we can tell YOU are a real person); and do a testimonial video.  We will match up your face from your video and your Facebook account as part of our vetting process.  TBC has a few parasites inside the community and we will filter them out.  Parasites don’t care about how they are destroying their host, so we must protect the TBC community from them by filtering them out.  We have already turned ON over 2,500 Send buttons so far, and I’m certain we could turn ON at least 10,000 buttons now; and I even hope we can turn ON 100,000 buttons before migration.  Seems like some of our Testers fell asleep over the holidays and haven’t woken up yet.  Testers are replaceable, so it is best to commit to staying up to date and keep following directions.  We are turning ON send buttons as fast as people do the testimonial videos, only lagging by a day or two.  I wish I was in charge of speed, but collectively the whole TBC community is in charge of speed in completing tasks to move us forward.  Just remember if you snooze you lose.


Henry Kissinger is an Elite.  The most common term I’ve heard Elite call the Military is “Dogs” and they just laugh about that term.  The Elite are EVIL.  They know they need the “Hired Guns” to remain in power.  Police and Military are needed to support the Status Quo.  But guess what?  The Police and Military are waking up to how EVIL the Elite are, and David above is just one more example of that.

Pupet Master

Some naysayers out there say that my efforts to organize the TBC Community are just like the behavior of the Elite.  That misrepresentation of me is so far from the truth, and it just amazes me how people twist things around.  The truth is we are in a race against time.  The Elite believe they are just a couple moves away from CHECKMATE.  Well, if THE PEOPLE don’t wake up and get organized NOW, then it will be CHECKMATE.  I really don’t want the Elite to win the race.

The major determining factor of who will win, will come down to the Police and Military.  If the Police and Military side in with the Elite, its GAME OVER for humanity.  When the Elite decide it is time to force the RFID CHIP, they will first force it upon the Police and Military.  Paychecks and extra bonuses will be held over their heads.  At this point, it is so foolish to call this a conspiracy theory.  The evidence of what I’m saying is the truth, is all over the Internet and just a few keystrokes away to find it.  I’ve been as gentle as I possibly can to WAKE UP the TBC Community.  Good people really don’t like thinking about this stuff, they really don’t.  But we possess the power to stop this, if we come together NOW.

So, yeah, we welcome the Police and Military to join TBC.  Generally they are all Good People too.  They care about their family and friends.  They believe their jobs protect them.  They are brave people.  They face many dangers in the line of duty.  They just don’t realize who is at the top pulling the strings.  They need to consider the TBC option now, and make up their own minds in advance of the near future moves of the Elite.  Perhaps they should research all of this right now, and share their findings with their fellows in uniform.

I will tell you this, that the faster TBC grows and gets organized, the more appealing we will be to the Police and Military.  The speed of this is in your hands my friends in the TBC Community.  I’ll do the best I can as Admin, and I’m counting on you to do your best too.  Look, there are millions of biz ops out there to choose from, but not so many opportunities like TBC that is set up to build a protection for you.  If we do this right, we all get protected!  Our friends in the Police and Military need this protection too.


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