Start Date for Migration is April 30th, 2018 (Poster/Article/Video)

Start Date for Migration is April 30th, 2018 (Poster/Article/Video)

Start Date for Migration is April 30th, 2018 (Poster/Article/Video)

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I finally got an agreement in place for a Migration Start Date from our main Coin Developer.  We will officially start migrating the TBC community from the Old TBC Blockchain to the New TBC Blockchain on April 30th, 2018.  We will end the migration process on July 31st, 2018 for the entire TBC community.  Of course our team of programmers wanted even more time, but I set my foot down and said I needed a start date in April 2018.  So, hopefully most of the moving parts connected to this migration will be automated by the start date of April 30th, but if the tech team still needs to do some things manually behind the scenes to make the migration process work by that start date, so be it.  They can continue to perfect the automation of migration during the 90 day window of migration.  The TBC community has waited long enough, NOW IS THE TIME TO MOVE FORWARD!

The Top Ten Leaders and The Voice of TBC got together on April 3rd to do “Test Transactions” while the New Coin was still on the “Test Network” and it worked as expected.  Here is their report:

The Wallet was missing a couple of important features as they said, and we are working on those now.  Currently, there are 1,000,000,000 TBC coins sitting in the Admin wallet on the official New Coin Network blockchain and we are no longer on the “Test Network.”  The number of nodes spread all over the world for the New Coin Network are significantly higher then the number of nodes we used on the ‘Test Network.”  We are sure you all will be pleased with transaction times and confirmation speeds on the New Coin Network.  We have already built in a toggle button to change the view from TBC to Kringle and back.  I will spend more time talking about this feature in a future article.

We are currently working on the following items: a complete new registration process including “Captcha” to keep the robots out; a send in USD feature which will eliminate the need to do fancy calculations outside of the wallet interface, much like you see on other crypto-currency wallets; and a Send Button Test system.  As mentioned in previous articles it has become abundantly clear that we need to test the understanding of the people that want a TBC wallet.  We have developed a “Test” that each person must pass before they can get the New TBC Wallet with a Send button.  We can’t always count on people to do the proper amount of due diligence on TBC before they join us.  Many Sponsors within the TBC community take shortcuts in explaining what TBC is all about before they sign people up.  This “Test” will filter out people that are unfit for the TBC community and make it impossible for any of them to say they thought we were something other than what we are.  We don’t want anyone to feel they were mislead in any way to pay a fee or make a purchase within our TBC community without a true understanding of what we are, ongoing.  So, no matter what a Sponsor says or doesn’t say, this “Test” will certainly make it clear before a Recruit pays anyone a dime, as the saying goes.  We are a Private community, but we are far from a Secret group or society.  We are completely upfront about all that we do and say.  There is zero need to deceive people into joining us.  We have much to offer, and it is all good.

Here is a sample from the test, this is the 1st question:

The value of our coin is directly tied to our MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT and has nothing to do with a “Market” which is why our coin always appreciates in value as our membership grows.  We know this is highly unusual within our world as it is today.  We lead in the abundance movement with this coin.  It has been designed to empower its users greatly.  All of this is based on the idea that a living man or woman is actually worth more than their weight in gold.  Life is more valuable than any pile of rocks.

1st Question

What determines the value of our coin?

A)  It is based on the supply and demand of it as it is traded in the open public markets.

B)  As living men and women are more valuable than gold and they agree to add their value to the value of our coin it appreciates in value as each new member joins the community.

If the Test-Taker answered A) then a pop up would say Incorrect answer, please try again.

If the Test-Taker answered B) then a pop up would say Correct answer, please go to the next question.

With the paragraph(s) proceeding the question, this is really an open book test.  There are 10 questions on this test, all must be answered correctly.  Everyone should have no problem with passing this test.  But, by design it may prevent an unfit person for the TBC community from even getting a TBC wallet because of what they learn while taking the test may conflict with some of their preconceived ideas on a money system.  We do want people to be in agreement with our concept, before they join us and get a wallet.

Everyone that has already paid the $10 fee will also have to pass this “Test” before they will be allowed to migrate to the New Coin Network.  As a community we need to become unified and find solidarity throughout the entire TBC community.

The reason we had to turn off all of the send buttons at one time, was because the Old Coin Network could not handle the mass quantity of transactions we were doing at that time.  The network was crushed under a massive backlog that the servers could not process quickly.  It chocked on that backlog for weeks, before we decided to flush the backlog.  Since then, we have re-coded many parts of the Old Coin Network, and it is currently working very well when users follow the Send Button directions.  The New Coin Network does not have or need an extra set of directions to use it.  It just works; and it works fast.  The Old Coin Network was built on a clone of the original Bitcoin code, and it does have alot of bugs.  The New Coin Network is based on a blockchain that has been evaluated by many 3rd parties as to having hardly any bugs and is robust in performance and durability.  TBC will be ready for mass adoption as a technology once we start to migrate.

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