Greed vs Abundance (Poster/Article/Movie)

Greed vs Abundance (Poster/Article/Movie)

Greed vs Abundance (Poster/Article/Movie)


TBC is at the beginning of the Distribution Phase and we are focused on creating Billionaires for the TBC economy.  There is about 1 million spots open right now that needs to be filled, hopefully before the end of May 2018.  At this time I would ask each of you to carefully examine your hearts.  Becoming a Billionaire will certainly open a door into your hearts for one of two spirits to come in to it.  Billionaire status will either fill your heart with the spirit of GREED or the spirit of ABUNDANCE.  How can you tell the difference between these two spirits?  Both will say: YOU HAVE SO MUCH!  YOU are a Billionaire in the making, your destiny is wonderful and great!  Confusing so far, right?  Both spirits seem to empower you.  Here is how you can tell the difference.  ABUNDANCE by definition can not be self-contained.  ABUNDANCE over flows.  GREED on the other hand will attempt to capture and keep wealth all to itself.  GREED is stingy, it hates to give or share.  GREED comes out of FEAR.  ABUNDANCE comes out of LOVE.  When you are afraid of sharing, or sharing too much, you are filled with the spirit of GREED.  The final destination of GREED is self-destruction of the one filled with GREED.  GREED will lie and not admit that its journey is a suicide mission.  So, in the examination of your heart, ask yourself if you have embraced GREED.  If you have, I will show you how to replace that spirit with the spirit of ABUNDANCE.  But, this community seems to attract those that are already possessed with the spirit of ABUNDANCE.  So, as you examine your heart and you find that it is filled with the spirit of ABUNDANCE, just know that GOD has answered Admins prayer to fill up our TBC membership with people like you, and carry on with greater confidence.  These spirits have influence on all of your resources, not just the money you have.  Everyone has 24 hours a day of time.  Time by far is way more valuable than money.  Are you only self-serving with your time?  Then the spirit of GREED has got you in its grasp.  Friendships, business connections, knowledge, skills, talents, personal comforts, and the list goes on and on of things that are considered resources.  Are you a giver or a taker?  Do you already know that your resources are basically seeds, and that when you plant and nurture them that it multiplies your seeds?  Yeah, some of your seeds will fall on stony ground and regardless of how much you nurture those seeds they will not reproduce.  But, ABUNDANCE doesn’t mind that, because overall your seeds will multiply if you do what is required for that to happen.  Laziness is certainly a by-product of GREED.

So, if you find that your heart has invited GREED to reside there, then you need to LOVE yourself enough to alter your self-destructive course.  Do you really want to be on a suicide mission?  If you have lost hope for yourself and can’t even love yourself enough to make this adjustment, prayer is the only answer left.  Hopefully someone else is praying for you, even if you refuse to pray for yourself.

Watch this classic movie and see how God intervened in the life of Scrooge before it was too late for him:


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