Do you realize you are in Nigeria and not America – Uche Maduagwu reacts to Moyo Lawal’s nude photo

Do you realize you are in Nigeria and not America – Uche Maduagwu reacts to Moyo Lawal’s nude photo

Actor Uche Maduagqu has one or two things to say about colleague Moyo Lawal’s new nude photo.

Uche, in his epistle surprising, did not laud Moyo as many would expect instead gave her unsolicited reasons as to why the photo isn’t what should have been shared online.

He wrote;

”But why? Is this necessary? Have you forgotten this is Africa and not America?…😭😭😭 @moyolawalofficial Honestly, i think you are a fantastic actress, and a colleague, more so, i feel you have so much potentials in you. I have always liked your films and applauded you when necessary… But my P.A just showed me this on @instablog9ja and i felt so bad. The first question that came to mind is, do you realize you are in Nigeria and not America? Maybe you don’t get it, in Africa, especially in Nigeria, we have culture and tradition. Over there in America, anything goes! There is absolutely no need for this, and i just hope you also know that this pics will be on the internet for a very long time, because every single thing we do is always well stored and saved on the internet. Probably, there would be a time in the future that this pics might not really look that attractive to you anymore, in fact, you’ll wish you never took it… That’s the reality of it all. Kim kadashian is not an African woman, she lives in a society that allows nudity, and sees showing parts of a woman body without any dress on as the new fashion. Over here in Nigeria, a woman’s body, her nakedness is priceless, in fact, its so priceless that it should only be seen by her #husband. Truth is, every man loves to look at naked pics, or pics of a woman showing off her body without clothes…😍😍😍 Its sexy and hot, but how many Nigerian men would want the whole world to see their wives body like that? #repost #pics #body #Mua #skin #instapic #fashion #dress #africa #nigeria #lagos #abuja #naija #smile #pretty #art #fun #actor #love #facebook #regrann #blogger #post #blog #photo #makeup #lipstick #eyeshadow #brows.”

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