Amber Rose criticizes the #MeToo movement

Amber Rose criticizes the #MeToo movement

Amber Rose may be a feminist but she is not here for the #Metoo movement .In a recent interview with The Raw Word, she explained that black women have been totally excluded from the movement.

“It’s kind of very frustrating to me, because all of a sudden, feminism became such a mainstream thing,” “Now white… no shade, white rich actresses start coming out and saying, ‘Me too, me too.’”

She continued,

“But what happened to all of us? What happened to the strippers, and the LGBTQ community? And the black girls in college… Like, you know, no one wanted to talk about these people. And now, all of a sudden… Going past that, even, like, black women don’t even make half as much as white women in movies.”

In order for some sort of justice to be served, Amber believes that white women must use their privilege on the behalf of black women and people who are overlooked in general.

“I feel like it’s really gonna take, unfortunately, a white actress to come out and say, ‘Hey, black women need to make as much as we do in movies,’ for it to make a change.”

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